Data Structure : A Step-by-Step Guide For 2020

Data structure means to collect and organize any data. This is a method by which you can process the data completely.

 We can easily understand this with an example. Suppose there is a company called AVSVishal HUB called Digital Marketing It has been 3 years working in "Here AVSVishal HUB is a string and 3 is integer type of data" Now we store this data in a file, it will be the data of the company. here you name many more companies.
how much time did they have to work like AVSVishal HUB 3 | Soulmaatr 1 | AVS Publication 2 |

Data Structure Guide

There are two types of data structure

  1. Simple data structure
  2. Compound data structure

Simple data structure - it is made from real, character, etc. and it is of two types

1. Array

2. Structure

Yogic data structure - In this, simple is converted into a complex data structure in different ways. It is also of two types

1. Linear data structure

2. Non-linear data structure

Linear Data Structure - Due to this, the elements form sequences, for this reason, they are called linear data structures.

1. Stack

2. Queue

3. Link List

4. Tree

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