What is City Portal? - Advantages, Earning, Seo

What is City Portal

The city portal is a website in which you write about any city in which you write about every place, event, market, news, etc. of that city.

What are the advantages of City Portal?

From such a website, you can promote your products and businesses to the people, you can also advertise on this website.

This type of website is different from a normal website, you do professional work and here your target should be the website your website targets on which city your website is targeted to.

You can earn from this website through Adsense, together you can promote the business of people.

It is easy to write on these websites because this website targets one city.

What is the cost of creating a portal?

To create these websites, you have to have a domain and hosting. This website cannot be created on a Sub Domain. You will need a good web hosting and fast speed theme.

If the expenses of these websites are seen, then you can spend between 6000 and 8000 in Starting, in this expenditure you can buy a good Webhosting and a good domain for yourself.

If you work on the website for a long time, then your expenses will be greatly reduced, and by working on the website for a long time, your website will start ranking on Google.

How much can be earned from the portal?


If you want to earn by AdSense, you can earn 400 $ a month and if you see them in Indian rupees, you can earn 30 thousand rupees.

If you want to earn from advertisement then you can earn 100 $ to 200 $ in money, it depends on your website's traffic and sleeps.

If you see them in Indian rupees, then you can earn from 7 thousand to 15 thousand.

If you connect youtube on this kind of website, then your traffic can increase, you can add news videos to your website, for this you will need a youtube channel.

If you do monetization on youtube, you can earn up to 500 $ from youtube now but earning on youtube is very difficult.

If all these are added then you can earn 45 thousand rupees from a website and youtube channel but this is not all easy

What is required for the portal?

For the website, you need to have a web development or web designing, you can join the web designing course for this, for this, we have created a course that the link is given below.

For the website you will need a laptop or computer, besides this, you need domine hosting.

For the website, you need a topic or you have a target keyword, for this, you can write about the city for which you want to create a web portal.

You will have to work for a long time and even earning from your website can take a long time, for this you do not have to stop reviewing the articles on the website.

The most important thing on the website is traffic, for this, you have to make your website SEO friendly and from time to time you will have to optimize your website.

You can use the plugin to make the website beautiful, it makes your website fast and beautiful.

 How can the site be promoted?

Free Seo For Website

To promote your site, you have to connect with social media, for this, you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. All of these are free.

For site promotion, you have to be associated with automatic servers, on this topic I have told a lot of things in my course, you can read this topic in our course.

You can also use guest blogging, sponsor posts for traffic lane on the site, you can also promote your website by writing an article on a website with good traffic.

In a sponsored post, you will have to review your website from a famous website or youtube channel, for this you will have to pay some rupees.

Conclusion -

Creating a website is easy but it is difficult to work on it for a long time, you have to choose a good web designer and a perfect topic.

You will have to work on bringing traffic to the website and SEO; by the time monetization starts on the site, you will have to work on your website.

A good speed web hosting will be required for the website, you will have to find sponsor posts from the logo for earning on your website.

You have to make a post on the same topic until your website gets ranked on keywords.

You will have to make changes to your website from time to time, you will need a perfect theme for the site.

You do not have to change the theme of your website again and again and choose the theme carefully.

You can join our Web designing course, in this, I have covered all the important topics, in this, you have to complete your website from start to rank.

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