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Jaipur City is very famous for its beauty, but the work of reaching the news of the people is some famous news channels like – Jaipur City Portal, Jaipur Patrika, Beautiful Jaipur, Jaipur Beats, thedesidiaries, etc.

Jaipur News

Today we will talk about some of these Pink City news channels. There are a lot of tourist places in this city but in some places, you have never seen

The website or street news channel tells you about these places

We have told you about 5 famous local street news channels

AVSVishal HUB –

AVSVishal HUB - The Real Age Ranker

This is a local street news channel created by Virender Kumar Sharma, in which you get a lot of information related to Jaipur.

Also, you get to know about famous tourist places. In this, you get to know about new events, this news channel was started in 2019 and now it has become very famous.

Along with this, it has also been given a very good opportunity for people, in which you can also make your business unique and you can review your product too.

Jaipur Beats –

It is a music band and it also informs you about Jaipur events along with Jaipur news.

This music band was formed in 2008, whose owner is FARRUKH KHAN. He sings Sufi tradition songs and has been engaged in music for a long time. These songs use instruments sarangi, tablas, bhapang, sitar.

The owner of Jaipur Beats has also worked on Star Plus TV channel, he has worked as a music director in Star Plus show Din Hai Hindustani.

Jaipur Patrika –

This is a part of a news portal Rajasthan Patrika, which provides its news in all the districts of Rajasthan.

It is a famous newspaper in Rajasthan and its part is also a Jaipur Patrika.

There is also a Facebook page of Jaipur magazine in which they promote their brands. Jaipur Patrika has a TV channel called Patrika TV.

Beautiful Jaipur –

This is a team of some people who do photography work, they also sell their photos.

They also review Jaipur places on their website, along with this they also give tips for Jaipur’s tour and travel.

This channel has been working since 2014 and now their traffic has also increased

Beautiful Jaipur also has a lot of followers on Facebook page and Instagram and photos are put on its Facebook and Instagram page and they also review places near Jaipur as well as nearby places.

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