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Viral video made on coronavirus which is trending on WhatsApp Facebook Twitter.


People are very upset due to Corona spreading to India and since the lockdown, people have been making some videos on the corona.

People have made some videos through their children, which are very popular and shared on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Within these videos, there is a video that is not only making fun of the corona but in this video how to avoid the corona is being told.

This video has been created by Vishal Bharadwaj and in this video, he has told how to stay at home and work in his spare time.

Trending Video

It has been told in this video that when you are at home due to corona, you can do the work of your choice at your home.

In which you can also learn dance and you can also send your dance videos to other people.

Vishal Bhardwaj is a resident of Jaipur and shares videos on social media and sends a good message to the people

People also like its videos because a good message is being sent to this virus in its videos.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said in his announcement that he is watching videos of children, in which young children are giving suspicion to people to avoid this virus.

We are telling you to avoid this virus, to overcome this virus, we all have to stay in our homes. It is also very good for everyone.

There is only one way to defeat this Russia, in which you do not come in contact with people and try to stay away from people.

Wash your hands frequently and keep them clean on time and you can also send the message to the people, for this you can make videos.

Facebook Video

You can alert people, now you can check this virus inside you, for this, you have to download the My Jio application and you will have to check this virus inside yourself in this application.

If you have already checked this application, then you can give your review on this post, for this you will see a comment box below, you can give your comment in it.

As much as you can, you have to tell people how to avoid this virus and try to eliminate this virus.

If you do this, not only will you protect yourself, but you will also protect your friends and neighbors, so tell people about how to eliminate this virus.

Right now, work is being done against it not only in India but in all countries, if you are also feeling the symptoms of this conflict then get yourself checked.

Many fake videos of this virus are also being sent, you can watch any fake video against this virus, so you do not share that video

You can save that fake video and stop sharing that video By doing this remedy, you can work to protect people from this virus.

If you have any disease for a long time, then you stay away from people so that no one can hurt you.

We have been writing posts for this topic for a long time so that people understand this virus.

It is very little in India instead of this virus and all the countries, you should also share this post so that people can do something against this virus.

Narendra Modi has also come live on TV several times to prevent this virus.

To protect the virus, posts are also being posted on social media.

There are some symptoms of this virus, in which if you are suffering from this virus, then you should not go to any other person.

There is another symptom of this virus, in which if you have little or low fever and you have a cold and a little bit, then you will soon go to the hospital nearby and provide your check so that you will be able to avoid this virus too.

It does not take much time to spread this virus, just as many big countries of the world are also caught in the virus, India can also come.

The only way to control this virus is in which you do not have to stay at your home nor do you have to go to any event or meet your friends.

You can use the phone to talk to your friends or your acquaintances or you can connect with people through social media, you need more help from this virus.

Due to this virus, many people have lost weight, so you have to be aware and bring awareness among people.

People or you can be healthy only if you try to save yourself from people

Our only aim is to make this post, how to protect you, and how to know the knowledge of this virus in people.

In making this post, I have consulted many people who know a lot about this virus and you can also learn more about this virus from those people, for this you need to find it through TV and news Will happen

Today, big companies are also looking into the work of protecting this virus, due to this virus, the situation of the market has become very weak and you or I can solve this problem by avoiding the virus.

Now it is important for people to be aware that for this, people have to give a message about the virus in the country.

The Government of India is also making a lot of efforts to protect this virus.

You can read more posts, for this you will have to visit us and select more posts.

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