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Jaipur city has many Parks but here one of Rajasthan’s largest park Silvern Park Agra Road Jamdoli is behind ACL Surya City.

Silvern Park, Agra Road Jaipur

The work of this park has been going on for a long time but work is still going on here.

There are many Gates in Silvern Park, including 2 gates in front and 2 gates behind.

People of Jaipur come to this park to roam, this park is being built on Agra Road which also has an open gym.

The time of this park is from 5 am to 4 pm and now this park also opens to the community.

It is crowded with people

Likewise, there is another park in Jaipur called Jawahar Park, this park has also been built at a very place.

But Silvern Park has been made the largest park in Rajasthan.

This park is built in Jamdoli located on Agra road and the boundary of this park is also connecting to ACL Surya City.

ACL Surya City is one of the most famous colonies of Agra Road

There are many shops and showrooms around Surya City, but now a park has also been built behind it.

It is now being said that a gate of this park will also be connected to Surya City, whose work can also run in some time.

Some special things have been done in this park, in which there is also an open gym in this park so that people can take advantage of the gym in this park.

instead of going to the gym.

There is no fee for this gym. People come to this gym.

Many flowers and trees have been planted in this park.

And that’s why it is taking too long to build this park. Now this park will be ready in some time

The work of this park was stopped due to Corona’s spread in Jaipur City, but now the work of this park will start soon

In this park, along with flowers, there is a seat for these old people to sit.

And in this park, many races are competed by people.

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