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Sahai Hospital is located in Jaipur, it is a hospital of eyes, where the investigation related to the eyes is done, this hospital is in Moti Dungri.

Mahatma Gandhi Hospital

Today we will talk about a vlog, for a few days my eyes became very weak, so I had to go to the hospital.

This hospital is very well tested, when it went, my Eyes was checked 3 times and last time a chasm was made for me.

The purpose of writing this post is to tell you about this hospital.

I went to Sahai hospital before the lockdown in Jaipur city, however, this time due to coronavirus in Jaipur City, these people are not allowed to go home.

This hospital is on Bhabha Marg and here with your eyes checked, your glasses are also made and all kinds of glasses are made here.

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You can also go here and also show your eyes here, here I got Rs. 600 for the test and I had made a chasma for me.

My glasses were taken no more than 2500 rupees, this hospital is very good

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This hospital is a very good hospital for showing the eyes of Moti Dungri.

This hospital was started in 1985 in Jaipur, it is a multi-specialty hospital.

The director of this hospital R. M. Sahai is

This hospital is run by the Eye Research Center Society

There are 13 Ophthalmologists and there are 5 doctors in other doctors and 60 para-medical staff and there are many volunteers.

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