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A theme is a bay file that makes your website beautiful. There are many famous themes such as Newspaper, Newsmag, Divi, etc.

Best Template For Wordpress

When WordPress is installed on your website server then you have to install the theme in it, for this you can buy themes for your website.

Today I have told you about some themes that will help you in Web Development.

What to look for before buying a theme?

Before looking at any theme, you should check the following things -

Mobile-Friendly - Your theme only opens fast on desktop but slow on mobile, then a lot of your visitors will stop visiting your website and your website rank will also fall in Google

SEO Friendly - If your website is not optimized, then it will take more time to open your website, and according to Google's policy, the site which has less time to open and the site ranks on the first page.

Ecommerce - If you want to sell a shopping site or an online course, then you have to choose the e-commerce theme, you can sell your product on it.

 AMP Supported - If you want to rank your site on Google, then you have to fasten your site rather than another site, for this you have to use a template.

Popular Plugins Supported - Plugins are used to design a website in which you can add new features to your website. If your template is not plugin supported then you can get a lot of problems.

Which theme is cheap and good -

Newspaper X Vs NewsMag Theme

Newspaper - Newspaper is the name of a template that is provided for you to create a blog. In this you also get a premade template which you just have to customize. There are many versions of this template but the most famous newspaper X.

There are some specialties of this theme which are explained to you below -

This template is not very expensive, you will get it for $ 49, you can purchase it from Evantomarket

This template is also SEO friendly and mobile friendly and in this you also get the register and login form.

This template has been created by tagDiv and this company has created many popular templates.

Newsmag - Newsmag also comes in the popular template and you will find this theme on most websites, you can also use this theme, you also get a mobile-friendly version, you can buy this template from eventomarket

The price of this template is $ 39 and it is cheaper than the Newspaper Theme. This theme is also created by tagDiv. It also supports AMP.

Today I have just told you about these two themes if you can give your comment in the comment box and can tell which theme you like.

I will review many more templates, if you like this course then you can contact me, I will give you the link of many More Courses.

Conclusion  -

All templates are good for a Website, but how you design your website depends on your template.

In Wordpress you also get premade templates and you can use them in yours too, but they do not have features like these templates and those templates rank your website in Google too.


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