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It is necessary to have good hosting for a web portal. Some hosting such as hostinger, Godaddy, and Milesweb is. The speed of these hosting is also very good.

Best Web Hosting
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What is the need of hosting in the web portal?

 All websites are uploaded to a server and these servers rank your website's data from your permission to Google.

Hosting is the database of your website in which all the files of your website are saved, it is uploaded by FTP.

Hosting that has a good speed makes it quicker on Google, without it you can not connect WordPress to your website without hosting.

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What is the type of hosting?

There are two types of hosting. One is Free Way Hosting and Paid Web Hosting. Free web hosting is known only as it provides you hosting for free.

What is the difference between free web hosting and paid web hosting?

Free web hosting - In this, you are provided hosting without money, you can choose Blogger, in addition to this there are many other platforms but it steals your data, so you should use only Blogger in free hosting.

Free Web Hosting Vs Paid Web Hosting

Blogger - Its name suggests that it is a blog writing platform, it is Google's official password, along with it you get the free domain but this domain is Sub domain

In this platform, you can also take the approval of Adsense and you can also earn it, this platform can use you at the beginning of blogging, most people use them in Starting, I also used them in my own beginning.

Unlike Blogger, most platforms hack your website's data and use it incorrectly

Paid Web Hosting - This type of web hosting requires you to pay a few rupees, it provides you hosting as well as gives you support, most of the time such hosting is done on the website.

In this web hosting people choose WordPress if you also want to blog, then you can come from Blogger to WordPress, and Blogger's website can also be changed to WordPress.

What is a good paid hosting website?

To see good website hosting, you have to see the speed, space, bandwidth of that web hosting provider.

Hostinger Web Hosting - The price of the normal plan in this hosting is $ 6.9 and if you buy this web hosting for 3 years, you can buy it for $ 0.99, plus you get 10GB of space so that you can also upload files to website

This web hosting is the best among all web hosting. You can also try using this hosting and it is also the cheapest compared to all the hosting if you buy it for a long time.

Godaddy Web Hosting - This web hosting is the most used in India and its starting plan is $ 4.33. You can start with this plan. The speed of this hosting is also very good.

In this hosting, you get the speed of 554 ms and you get 100GB of space, so for a normal website, it is very much, you can also install the store in your site because there is too much space in it.

Bluehost Web Hosting - This web hosting is also good but very expensive. This web hosting also provides good speed and good space, in this you get a speed of 405 ms. Its starting plan is priced at $ 7.95 but you can plan this plan for 3 years. You can get it for $ 2.75

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Conclusion - 

You can get hostinger web hosting and if you want to build your own server then you can buy a server as well.

In web hosting, you have to install WordPress so that you can work on the portal on your website, the older you are, the more you will benefit, so write a daily article on your website.

You can join our web portal development course in which you are taught the full course of portal development for free.

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