What is fastag? Know fastag login fastag techarge fastag online fastag app and other information

 What is fastag? Know fastag login fastag recharge fastag online fastag app and other information


fastag is a system of electronic toll collection created by the National Highways Authority of India, which is being implemented on all toll plazas in the country. The fastag system will not require vehicles to take long lines on the toll. This will save time and fuel. The device installed on the toll plaza reads it online, the toll tax is collected and the toll gate opens.

To connect to fastag, we should have information about fastag login fastag recharge fastag app, etc.

the working system of fastag
The fastag is mounted on the windscreen of the vehicle with RFID on it. When the fasted vehicle goes near the toll plaza then the device on the toll plaza comes in contact with the fastag on your vehicle and this device is on your scans fastag

Due to which toll tax is paid from your fastag account immediately. fastag online works on the system. All this work is done in few seconds, which saves your time and there is no rush on toll.

fastag recharge system

Once released, the fastag remains operational for 5 years only it has to recharge the fastag on time. You can recharge fastag with your debit card, credit card, net banking, etc.

For this, you can open your fastag account and get fastag sticker under any toll plaza and agency which comes under the point of sale. fastag online recharge is you can open it from these banks through fastag hdfc fastag sbi fastag axis fastag icici.

While buying a new car, you can get a fastag from dealers. You can also get fastag from paytm.

First of all, you have to put the sticker on the windscreen of your car, for the first time, Bale users link it to their online bellet. For which go to the website of the bank from which fastag is taken, after that go according to the instructions in the website. And use it.

 Every time after deducting toll tax from fastag, you will get a message.

Required documents

If you open an account from point of sale, then you will have to provide the RC of your vehicle, passport size photo of the vehicle owner and KYC like pen card, passport, voter id, or Aadhaar card.


National High Way Authority has given its helpline number fastag customer care to remove the problems related to fastag

 1033 is given on which you can get the solution to any problem of fastag.

Problems such as fastag not being scanned properly, not being able to deduct toll tax even after the account are in balance, or fastag can be fixed. You can use www.ihmcl.com.

Other uses of fastag

 Fastag will soon be used on petrol pumps in the country.

It can be used to fill petrol and pay parking charges.

 what if there is no fastag

The Government of India has introduced this system for the convenience of increasing congestion on toll plazas and vehicles in long queues. If one does not apply the fastag, it will have to pay double the toll. |

the big advantage with fastag

 The biggest advantage is that after applying the fastag, you will not have to engage in long lines of tolls. Your toll will be collected within seconds. Which will spell your time.

After applying fastag you will not need to keep the cash amount for the toll and you will get relief from cash payment hassles.

Due to prolonged toll on the toll, there is a lot of pollution.

This will provide relief from pollution of tolls.

Further, when this scheme will be implemented in petrol pumps and parking, then there will be relief from problems of lines and cash.

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