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A person who is healthy in his life can get as much pleasure in his life. It is said that health is wealth. It means that health is the greatest wealth. In today's run-of-the-mill life, choosing the biggest one is healthy. Due to today's lifestyle, people are unable to take care of their health. Due to which they start having many health problems. Health department keeps on giving many types of health-related information to people, health app has been created to make people aware, using which a person can get health education in daily life. It is very important to understand health and fitness. This is the main meaning of the first happiness healthy body, health first in life than others

  How do we keep ourselves healthy? This post will be very beneficial to know this. We want to tell only those ways by which we can change some of our habits and keep ourselves healthy by using healthy foods.

Yoga and exercise

We must take a certain time out of the routine of running and do regular yoga exercises for at least 15 minutes and physical exercise for 20 minutes. For this, morning time is the best, yet if you cannot get time in the morning, then do yoga and exercise at a certain time in the day.

With this, we will have good mental health as well as physical health. If we do meditation for 10 minutes every day, then our body will be relaxed and at the same time, we will get rid of fatigue and anxiety. Our bodies will be full of new energy and we will also get a concentration in our work.

Do an exercise regularly \ Keep changing the exercise methods. Walking in the morning and evening, running, climbing the steps of your office or home, and walking at high speed are also good exercises.

 Sitting with the back straight

There has been a big change in the way of living, sitting and sleeping in today's lifestyle which affects our health.

We should keep our back straight while walking and sitting.

 Walking and sitting down, our spine starts to bend. Due to which side effects the energy in our body is reduced.

Our spinal cord remains connected to our brain. The spinal cord and brain are the major parts of the nervous system. When this ladder remains in the waking state, the flow of energy to our internal organs goes on properly and the internal organs of the body remain healthy.

 Therefore, we should do regular practice of sitting upright with great comfort without stress.

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 Get plenty of sleep

Just the way our body needs healthy foods. This gives the necessary energy to the body, in the same way, our body needs full sleep for complete rest.

Sleep is the state of the rest of the body from where our body receives physical and mental energy. If we are not able to sleep at night and no matter how much the person eats good healthy food on the second day. Laziness, restlessness, mental tension will remain in our body. And if you do not sleep for a long time, then the person also loses his mental balance.

 That is, 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily is necessary for the body.

Must drink 10 glasses of water daily

A certain amount of water is required in our bodies. We need to drink 10 glasses of water regularly for the amount of water in the blood, the proper functioning and the functioning of our internal organs. Which keeps our body healthy.

If we drink lukewarm water then our digestive system will always be right. The use of lukewarm water prevents the accumulation of unnecessary fat in our body and there is no problem of increasing unnecessary weight.

 Along with this, you get rid of the problem of joint pain in the body.

Water removes TOXINS from our bodies.

The right amount of water keeps our skin soft and shiny.

Chew food

While eating food, keep in mind that each grass of the food should be chewed by chewing 32 times so that a sufficient amount of saliva is kept with the food. Which is very important to digest our food. Un-chewed food impairs our digestion.

Water should not be drunk during and immediately after meals.

Can only rinse. Drink water only after 1 hour of the meal.

balanced diet

In today's era, people are abandoning a balanced diet and adopting fast food, which is giving rise to many diseases in the body.

Our food requires protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and FIBERS. We should have a balanced diet in the right proportion.

Breakfast must be served for working people. It gives you energy throughout the day. The food is always fresh, warm and hot. Never eat cold food or pre-cooked food. Use only fresh fruits and vegetables.

 Live a worry-free life

Always remember that worrying is not the solution to any problem.
Instead of worrying about each problem, focus on that task. Find ways to solve that problem. And work on it with full morale.

Only by worrying will the work not be solved, but our mental energy will be lost. Due to which mental power starts to weaken.
And we can also go into a state of depression, so live a worry-free life.

 If you are conscious about your health, then get your regular health CHECK UP. Take HEALTH INSURANCE for yourself.

Exercise regularly and do yoga, take care of your health yourself.

Always keep smiling and laughing. And always be happy.


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