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South Africa great historical country with natural beauty South Africa is a historic natural beautiful country. in this post, we will know about the best visit on holidays South Africa 2020 

The Republic of South Africa is located at the southern tip of the African continent.

The settlement of man has been considered to be about one lakh years old in South Africa.

  The majority of the local people living here were tribal. In the 4th and 5th centuries, the Bantu-speaking tribals displaced the native Khoi San people and started living with them.

With the arrival of Europeans, Kosa and Julu became two large communities.

A refreshment center was established here in 1962 from the Dutch East India Company. Which is located in Cape Town.

Cape Town became a British colony during 1806. Here, for their own representation, the fight between Kosa Julu and Afrikaner had increased.

Diamonds and gold mines were discovered here in the 19th century. Due to which there were wars between the British buyers. In South Africa, limited independence was granted in 1910.

In 1961, South Africa got Republic status. Apart from strong opposition, apartheid policy was continued here. The apartheid policy was suppressed in 1994 when this country joined the Commonwealth of Nations.

This country is a country of ethnic diversity where more white people live than any country in Africa. in this post, we will know our best visit on holidays in south africa. 

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National word of south Africa 

The nation's sentence here is "Ike Karra Ke". Which means unity here.


There are 3 capitals in a variety of ways, not being a capital, in which Pretoria as an executive, Bloemfantane as a judicial, and Cape Town as legislative. There is constitutional democracy here. The president here is Cyril Remafosa.


The currency of South Africa is the Rand (ZAR). The price of one rand is equivalent to five rupees (approximately) Indian.

Languages in South Africa 

Eleven languages ​​have official status in this country.
Here, along with English, Afrikaans, Dakshin Diwali, Northern Supo, Southern Supo, Khoisan, Swazi, Soga, Tswana, Kisa, and Zulu are spoken. The Zulu language is mostly spoken here.

Bizarre facts of South Africa

This is the beginning of the story of the development of human life in the world.

Naturally, it is the most bizarre country in the world. The forest here is very famous, the natural view here is different from other countries in the world.
The total population here is about 50 million and the area here is three lakh two thousand square kilometers.

AIDS disease is very high in this country.
An estimated one in every five people suffers from HIV. That is, about 15 to 20% of people are struggling with AIDS. This disease is more among black people here than white people. There is a lack of awareness among people about this disease somewhere.

Here is the world's largest gold and diamond field.

 Here the equator, the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Cancer pass through this country.

This country is the second-largest producer of fruits (FRUIT EXPORT) in the world.

90% of the world's platinum originates from South Africa.

The world's largest whale fish is found here.

The world's largest giraffe is found here.

The world's largest bird ostrich is found here.

 The world's largest elephants are found here.

 The beauty of this country is secreted by the beauty of the grasslands, deserts, and mountains.
Seems to be

 There is a 6 thousand-year-old tree in this country, in which the bar is made.

South Africa has the third-highest clean water in the world.

It is the sixth-largest gold producing country in the world.

Nelson Mandela (Nelson Mandela)


 Apartheid policy and casteism were very bad in South Africa. In protest against which Nelson Mandela formed African National Congress.

 In 1950 Nelson Mandela was elected President of African National Congress (ANC).

In 1952, he was declared a terrorist. And Nelson Mandela was jailed for 27 years in 1962.

 Nelson Mandela was made the first Black President in the 1994 election after coming out of prison.


The culture of South Africa is known for Ethenik and diversity. The combination of traditional fruits, vegetables, milk, and meat products is found in the food here.

 Here pepper, peanuts, and maize food products are used in plenty.
In this culture, the most difficult groups considered here are folk music, kango music.

Most of the population here still live in rural areas. The urban people here mostly speak English or Afrikaans.

 And some people use the language "Khoisan" here.
The painting related to the culture here is 75000 years old, whose paintings were done in the caves here.

 Which is made by the people of Bantu and Nguni.

The famous photography of South Africa has been set up in the exhibition Victoria and Elvert Museum in London.

The most popular novel here in an African language was written by Solomon Thekiso in 1930. In 1981, he was awarded the first South Africa award for the novel written by "Nadine Gordimer" and the 7th Novel Price Award for Literature in 1991.
The culture here is full of oral poetry.

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The most popular sports here are football, rugby, and cricket.
Rug (World Cup) cup was held in South Africa in 1995. The winner was in South Africa.
Cricket World Cup was organized here in the year 2003.
Cricket 20-20 Word Cup was organized in 2007.
In 2010 FIFA Word Cup Football was organized.

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South Africa is a very active country in scouting activities.

Sir Rowart Baden Powell, who has been considered the father of scouting. He is from South Africa. He was an army officer.
 He organized many scouting activities from 1890 to 1900.

Tourist places

For tourism, South Africa has a lot of beautiful and natural beauty tourist places.

Krueger National Park

It is one of the most famous safari parks in the world, where lion cheetah elephant and rhino are seen. The park also offers the facility to roam with hot air below.

Cape Town

Cape Town is the second-largest city in South Africa by population. It is full of natural beauty.
 The mountains and the sea make it very beautiful. The Kirsten Wosch Political Garden has been ranked by UNESCO among the World Heritage Sites.

The Victoria and Alfred waterfront is a favorite place here.

Where beautiful views and shopping can be done here.

 There is a crowd of tourists to see the interesting and beautiful sunset here. The Parliament House of South Africa is located in Cape Town.

Kgalagadi Trans-Frontier Park

One of the world's largest wildlife parks, special trees, dark blue sky, red soil, leopards and tigers are seen here.

Stellan Vosch

 It is one of the most beautiful towns in South Africa. Old trees and farms are seen here. The food here is liked by tourists. There are side wok cafes and many restaurants.

Drakens class

Here is the dragon mountain. It is the most famous place among the tourist places, the natural landscape is breathtaking and enchanting with the waterfalls and the greenery coming out of the mountains in summer.

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Other Tourist Places

Apart from this, there are many tourist places here.

Robben Island


Gandhi Memorial

Two okasans aquarium

Table Mountain National Park

Cap Of The Good Hope

Game drives

Sub Word of Beer (Museum)

Mandela House

 Johannesburg Planetarium

 Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve

Cape Town Stadium

Gold Reef City (Casinos & Gambling)

Queens Hotel

Mopani sanctuary

Sango Cabeza

Punda Maria Sanctuary

Wills University Zoology Museum

 Lion & Safari

in this post, I think a lot of knowledge about to visit on holidays South Africa visit.  If you liked this post or want to get more information, please comment in the comment box below and share this post with your friends.

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