Dog Diseases Danger Dog Cradle Can Be Dangerous To Your Life

Danger Beware Dog Cradle May Endanger Your Life

Today I am going to tell you one such thing that even knowledgeable people will be shocked. Many people in the world raise dogs in their homes. Keep your dog as a member of your family. The dog becomes an important member of the family. There are many types of diseases in dogs, such as Dog Disease from Ticks, Dog Disease Skin, Dog Heart Disease, Dog Gum Disease, Dog Kidney Disease Symptom, Dog Heart Disease Symptom, etc. Many diseases are found.

But, friends, when I studied the diseases spreading in humans through dogs. So I was shocked too. And I felt that you should give this information to people.

Friends, they are treated to cure many diseases of dogs. They are vaccinated to prevent certain diseases in dogs.

 The dog lives with us as a member of our family. But have we ever tried to understand the human diseases caused by dogs?

Today I am going to give you every necessary information about the diseases spread by dogs to human beings. This information is important to know for us and our family.

1 rabies

Rabies is a deadly viral contagious disease that is spread by biting a human being through a dog. Whenever a dog bites a person and if there is a rabies virus in their saliva, then they come in contact with the blood of the person with the virus saliva. Goes. Then that person suffers from rabies disease. Rabies affects the nervous system of the person and this virus reaches the brain and changes in the behavior of the person. And there is more excitement, madness, paralysis. And the person also dies, the symptoms of rabies sometimes appear even after years.

Therefore, it is important to have knowledge about rabies disease. By the way, the anti-rabies vaccine is available everywhere to prevent this disease. The use of which ends the risk of disease.

Name of diseases - Mode of Infection to man

Bacterial diseases

1. anthrax - Contact with Hair and Contaminated of Food

2. brucellosis - contact, ingestion,

3.Tuberculosis - inhalation contact ingestion

4. Salmonellosis - contaminated food and water, meat

5.Leptosirosis - Exposure contact, Skin abrasion

6.Pasteurellosis - contact, bite contamination

7.Plague - Flea bite

Viral disease

1.Measles - contact

2.Mumps - contact

3.Rabies - animal bite, Abrasion

Fungul Diseases

1.Ringworm - contact

2.Nocardiosis - contact

Protozoan Diseases

1.KalaZar - Sand fly bite

2.Giardeiasis - contact food and water

3. Amoebiasis - Ingestion


1.Scabies (Mange) - Contact

2.Cheleticlar scabies - contact

3. folliclar mange - contact

Helminthic diseases

1.Ascariasis - Contact Food and Water

2.Dog Tape Worm - Ingestion

3.Filariasis - Moquito bite

4.Fasciolopsis - RawPlant Food

5.Schistosomiasis - Skin

6.Hidatid Disease - Ingestion


1.Fever - contact

In human beings, all these diseases are spread in some way, from dogs to humans, so there is a lot of need to be careful while flipping the dog.

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