11 best ideas to decorate christmas tree


Christmas is the biggest festival of Christians. Every year on 25th December, this holy festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm as the birthday of Jesus Christ.

This festival is celebrated in all the countries of the world.we have the best ideas to decorate a Christmas tree.

Children have a lot of fun and joy in celebrating this festival.

 On Christmas day people go to church in the morning and pray and cut cakes and all give gifts to one another.

Christmas preparations are made with great noise. All of them decorate their houses.

 and get together to decorate the Christmas tree.

 On Christmas night, children are given gifts by https://www.britannica.com/topic/Santa-Claus

 It is believed that Santa arrives at the children's house at night and keeps a lot of gifts on his bed. Children are very happy to get these gifts.

Christmas tree

Christmas tree has special importance in the Christmas festival.
 Many people buy artificial Christmas trees from markets and bring Christmas tree decorations. 

 and enjoy drawings and decorate a Christmas tree in many ways.

The Christmas tree is an evergreen tree, it is a Tulsa, walasam or fur tree.
 The Christmas tree has been celebrated as the symbol of heaven. 
Which symbolizes purity and happiness

Christmas tree artificial

On Christmas day everyone decorates the Christmas tree in their homes.

 In the market too, many beautiful Christmas tree artificial are found in many different and different sizes.

 People buy and decorate it in their own way.

This artificial Christmas tree looks very real in appearance.

Christmas tree drawing

  Candles, Lights, Colored Papers Fruits, etc. use many things.
 Many people make paintings for Christmas tree decoration. 

When these paintings are placed near the Christmas tree, it feels very good and the creation of the brothers is praised.

There is quite a lot of Christmas tree drawing competition In which awards are also given for good drawing.

we have 11 best ideas to decorate Christmas tree 

1   lighting

Your Christmas tree can be decorated with brilliant lightings.

 Use color bleaching lights. Neon lights can also be used for this. 

You can also select color themes. Such as blue, white, red or pink and gold pink themes make it even more beautiful. 

2  cotton bolls

Cotton can be used for Christmas tree decoration. You make small balls of cotton and apply it on the ends of the twigs of the Christmas tree.

 And by applying cotton-like snow on its leaves, it looks very beautiful. It has a natural look.

3  Gifts

Children love it if small gifts are placed on the Christmas tree.

 These gifts are packed in bright paper and look more fabulous.

4  Paintings

Before the Christmas festival comes, children become fond of making paintings, they make very beautiful big and small paintings.

If these paintings are placed near the Christmas tree, then it feels very good.

5  Handicraft stars

Handicraft stars can also be applied to the tree to decorate the Christmas tree.

 A big shining star can be placed on the top end of the tree.

6  Ribbons

By using colored ribbons for Christmas tree decoration, the tree becomes beautiful with a very new look, it will be nice if you put special bright race ribbons for it.

7  Monograms

You can also apply monograms of your family and friends to decorate the Christmas tree, it also gives it a digital look.

 If your monograms are 3D then it will look great and will have a new theme.

8  Oyster decoration

Colored oysters can be used to decorate the Christmas tree.

 You can also put led lights inside the oyster.

9  Decorate with chocolate

If you use candy, nuts, or chocolate in the Christmas tree, then it will be very attractive for children.

 Children love the decorations of candy nuts and chocolate.

10  Decorate with flowers

You can decorate your Christmas tree with colors and beautiful flowers.

 This will be a very natural and special decoration.

11 Put Santa close

On the market and on Amazon you will find small Santa close.

 If you place them near the Christmas tree, then the fun of decoration will be different.

we have described best ideas to decorate Christmas tree  
celebrate the festival with enjoy and happiness 

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