Law. of attraction real truth or false part 1st

What is Law of attraction Real truth or false  part 1st

 All creatures present in the world, animals, plants, insects, humans are somehow attracted to each other in nature. Every structure in the air, air, cloud, sound etc. are also associated with attraction, due to which the velocity of air flows from water from one place to another.  But the change of solid liquid gas of different states of matter is also going on, due to the combination of energy and exchange of energy with the law of attraction of energy.  Shelter itself is

 Man is engaged in thoughts day and night, the group of these thoughts strengthens any concrete idea.

 Karma is formed by the persistence of thoughts, the expression of karma changes into karma.

 The stronger the thoughts are, the greater the strength of energy and energy is, the person with the power keeps working in daily life, according to this Socratamat form of energy, Laksh is attained.

 If the intensity of thoughts towards a task is maximum, then it is best to succeed in that task as the student is determined to succeed in his or her test, his thinking only makes him successful in the examination.  Keeps thinking about the progress of the business only then he gets success in business

 It is said that by praying with the will and full dedication, God also gets

 The perfection of the rapid flow of thought power is called the law of attraction

 Is the law of attraction true?

 Does the desire get fulfilled only by constantly thinking to fulfill a wish?

 Do thoughts happen without thinking?

 Does Gita choose the karma principle?

 4 Factors of Attraction Theory

 1 pray ..

 When a person puts his goal in front of him to achieve his goal, he will feel pleasure and happiness when he attains the goal. And his mind started to feel that pleasure.

 And if one prays to the divine with full intention to achieve the goal, then the power of prayer is attained by the power of the divine and the chances of success of the work are maximized.

 2 belief

 Faith has been considered as the biggest reason in the world. Unwavering faith in the power of God increases the certainty of achieving the goal. You should surrender your goal to God.

 3  प्रेम ( Love )
ओउम का नित्य जाप करते रहे और मन को विचार शून्य अवस्था मे लाने का अभ्यास करें 
विचारो के संयम से मन एवम इन्द्रियों का निग्रह होता है  लगातार अभ्यास से आपके विचार एक शक्ति रूप में  संकलित होते रहते हैं जो आत्मबल का निर्माण करते हैं 

विचार शक्ति असीम होती है  जो चुंबक की भांति कार्य करती है विचार शक्ति जब दृढ़ विश्वास में परिणित हो जाती है तब मनुष्य की चेतना का स्तर बढ़ती है  चेतना के उच्चतर अवस्था मे मनुष्य अपनी चेतना स्पंदन को प्राप्त करने लगता है 

यही चेतना प्रार्थना में प्रकट होती है जो  ब्रम्हांड की चेतन्य स्तर में प्रविष्ठ होने लगती है जहाँ से प्राप्त ऊर्जा  मनुष्य को सद्कर्म में बदल देती  है 
जिससे मनुष्य सद्कर्मो को करता रहता है और ब्रम्हांडीय ऊर्जा का स्तर कर्मफलों  में बदल जाता है 
 यही ऊर्जा का स्पन्दन  एवम कर्म  उसके जीवन मे भौतिक आध्यात्मिक सुख और आनंद का स्रोत्र बन जाता है 

 To achieve the goal, it is essential to have love for work, if the karma being performed is nurtured by pure thoughts, then love towards work is sure to happen. Just as a person in love is always fully devoted and always thinks well and remains happy  Only with love and complete dedication to any goal does the possibility of completion of the work done

 4 action

 When the goal is in front and the person has full conviction in the mind towards the attainment of the goal, pray for God.  And believe in the power of God.
 Collect all information about work to accomplish your goal.  And start completing the work with full devotion.

 Who is resistance in the world

 Could stand in the path of a brave man

 Who bows

 Dislocated feet

 Human barley exerts

 The stone becomes water

 Surely the work is done because the grace of God is attained where prayer is with love and action.

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